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science debate dot org Shawn is the cofounder of ScienceDebate.org, the grassroots organization that changed the American presidential elections in 2008 and spawned a global movement promoting science and technology as the best foundation for democratic advocacy and policy reform.

Global Vision

The global vision of ScienceDebate.org is to elevate science and technology issues in national political and election-related dialogue and to foster universal respect for science as a necessary foundation for democracy.  The organization works with groups anywhere seeking to bring policymakers together with science and the public to discuss policy and strategy for tackling the great issues of our time.

uncle same wants you for u.s. scienceU.S. Science Debates

ScienceDebate.org works in the United States to foster nonpartisan science debates between candidates for U.S. congress and president. By bringing candidates together with scientists, the media and the public in a safe and nonpartisan debate setting, science can be restored as an electoral value, a foundation of American democracy,  and a non-partisan basis for sound and effective policymaking, helping to "unstick" the United States from decades of paralysis on the largest policy challenges facing the country.

To learn more or to donate or get involved please go to ScienceDebate.org